How to install Oracle Apex 4.0.2 on Windows 2008 64bit server
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Here is a draft example how to install the Oracle Application Express 4.0.2 on a Windows 2008 64bit server machine.

You need to install the following:
1. Oracle Database 11g Release 1 ( software only
2. Create the LISTENER
3. Create a Custom Database instance
4. Install the Oracle Application Express
5. Install the Apex Listener and configure
6. Configure Oracle Apex accounts and workspaces

Before you install the Oracle Software you must check that the
C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts files has an entry for
you local IP setting, for example:   hostname
1. Oracle Database 11g Release 1 ( software only
1. Download from oracle Oracle11g Release 1 for windows 2008-64 bit and extract the files.
   Run the setup.exe and choose the following installation:
  1.1 Basic Installation
       Oracle Base Location: C:/Oracle/11g
       Oracle Home Location: C:/Oracle/11g
       Remove check mark from 'Create Starter Database'
  1.2 Remove check mark from 'I wish to receive MetaLink...'
  1.3 Click Next -> Next until to start the installation.
2. Create the LISTENER
Start the Network Configuration Assistant and follow the steps:
   2.1 Listener Configuration
   2.2 Add
   2.3 LISTENER (Do not change suggested name)
   2.4 Do not change TCP suggested settings
   2.5 Use the standard port number 1521
   (This process created the listener.ora & sqlnet.ora files in C:/Oracle/11g/NETWORK/ADMIN)
3. Create a Custom Database instance
Start the Database Configuration Assistant and follow the steps 
to create a new database instance
   3.1 Create a Database
   3.2 Custom Database
   3.3 Global Database Name: DB_NAME , SID: DB_NAME
   3.4 Do not make any change in the following screen
   3.5 Use the same administrative password (*****)
   3.6 File System
   3.7 Use Common Location for All Database Files : C:/Oracle/Database
   3.8 Disable Flash Recovery Area
   3.9 Disable all features except Enterprise Manager Repository 
        & Database Text component
        Go to 'Standard Database Components' and uncheck Oracle Application Express
   3.10 For Memory select 'Custom'
        Memory Management -> Manual Shared Memory Management
        Shared Pool:512MB
        Buffer :512MB
        Java Pool:64MB
        Large Pool:64MB
        For Sizing select Processes: 400
  3.11 Character Sets
       Choose from the list of the character sets: EL8ISO8859P7
  3.12 Keep the enhanced 11g security settings
  3.13 Disable automatic maintainance tasks
  3.14 Next ->Next -> Save as a Database Template -> Finish 

Tip:the alert Log file for the database is located at: 

Tip:The Apex installation requires the Oracle Text feature if you don't 
install it with your custom database creation then you can add it later with the commands:
sqlplus "/ as sysdba"
SQL>@C:/Oracle/11g/ctx/admin/catctx.sql CTXSYS SYSAUX TEMP NOLOCK
sqlplus connect CTXSYS/CTXSYS

Tip: To connect with other tools, like TOAD or SQL Developer 
to the database you must create a "Local Net Service Name configuration" 
with Net Configuration Assistant
4. Install the Oracle Application Express
Extract the Oracle Apex files to a directory, for example c:/Oracle/Apex
open DOS command prompt and change directory to c:/Oracle/Apex and 
run the following steps:
      4.1 sqlplus "/ as sysdba"
       SQL>@apexins SYSAUX SYSAUX TEMP /i/
       SQL>@apxrtins SYSAUX SYSAUX TEMP /i/
5. Install the Apex Listener and configure
Download from Oracle the Oracle Apex Listener for Windows and extract it in a directory 
for example c:/Oracle/Apex_Listener
5.1 Open DOS command prompt and change directory to Go to c:/Oracle/Apex_Listener 
5.2 Run java -jar apex.war
5.3 Select path for images (C:/Oracle/Apex/images)
5.4 Leave suggested user names for manager - enter passwords
5.5 After that the deployment is located in :
     and open the configuration page of the Web Apex Listener where you must 
     give the Password: apex_public_user and SID:DB_NAME
6. Configure Oracle Apex accounts and workspaces
6.1 First create a workspace. Go to the lower left section for 
     "Workspace" which is "Administration"
6.2 Select Administration -> Application Express Internal Administration
6.3 Login as admin / *****
6.4 Create schema WS_SCHEMA with password *****
6.5 Create administrator for WS_SCHEMA workspace ADMIN / *****
6.6 Login in APEX as WS_SCHEMA / admin / *****