GUI for alert log
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Viewing alert log quickly but with great detail can't be done with vi editor or grid control. You can use your own custom scripts for scanning the alert log and send notifications but a thorough examination of a log file with thousand entries and messages requires a graphical interface.

One state of the art tiny program, only for the purpose is: AlertView 1.1

What is AlertView?
AlertView(tm) is a viewer for Oracle alert logs. It parses an alert log and breaks it into discreet events, such as starting the database or executing a DDL command. The events are categorized by type and displayed in a tree view. Clicking on an event in the left hand tree window displays the event text in the right hand window.
The user can select:
What types of alerts to display
The time period to display
What information to display in the tree
The user can also refresh the display at any time to look for new alerts. AlertView(tm) is written in Java, so it will run on any system that has a Java virtual machine (Windows, Solaris, HP/UX, AIX, Linux, several other versions of Unix, OS/2, etc.). You don't have to make setup, just run it

Some screenshots follow.

Oracle DBA-> (147)
  Alertlog (3)
  Archivelog (5)
  Auditing (1)
  Backup - Recovery (19)
  Database files (6)
  Database options (2)
  DB links (2)
  Dependencies (1)
  Dictionary (2)
  Exp-Imp Datapump (6)
  Jobs (2)
  Mview (2)
  Networking (3)
  Objects (7)
  Parameters (2)
  Redologs (6)
  Roles - Grants (2)
  Rollback - Undo (8)
  Segments (3)
  Sequences (2)
  Sessions (14)
  SGA (14)
  Tables (10)
  Tablespaces (10)
  Temp (4)
  Toad (5)
  Transactions (1)
  Upgrade (2)
  Users (3)
Oracle APPS DBA-> (66)
Exadata (1)
Performance Tuning-> (59)
Oracle Real Cases (24)
Oracle Errors (23)
Oracle SQL tricks (32)
Oracle RAC (3)
Oracle Security (8)