Password protection for listener
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To avoid inadvertent stopping of your listener or to prevent unauthorized access to your listener, you may set up password protection for your listener. There are two ways to set a password:

1. Clear text Password
2. Encrypted Password

1.Clear text Password
Lets say that in your $TNS_ADMIN/listener.ora you have a listener named LISTENER1
(i)Add PASSWORDS_LISTENER1 entry to your existing listener.ora file. e.g.PASSWORDS_LISTENER1 = (p1,p2)
(ii)Stop your listener, and restart it.

Now passwords are in effect.

To administer the listener, set password command must be used.
 LSNRCTL> set current_listener LISTENER1
 LSNRCTL> set password p1
 LSNRCTL> stop
2. Encrypted Password
Lets say that in your $TNS_ADMIN/listener.ora you have a listener named LISTENER2
run lsnrctl
LSNRCTL> set current_listener LISTENER2
LSNRCTL> set save_config_on_stop on
LSNRCTL> change_password
Old password: 
New password: 
Reenter new password: 

Just hit 'Enter' key for old password since no previous password is set.
The passwords you entered will not be echoed. If you are in Oracle10g after that execute 
LSNRCTL> save_config
If you are in Oracle9i the command save_config will not work! You have to stop the listener first and then start it again Stop the listener LSNRCTL> set password Password: LSNRCTL> stop LSNRCTL> set password Password: **** LSNRCTL> start Check your listener.ora file Entries similar to the following should have been added to your listener.ora automatically. SAVE_CONFIG_ON_STOP_listener2 = ON PASSWORDS_listener2 = 2D6C48144CF753AC
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