List of patches applied, bugs solved, patch level
                                                 Last update (2010-11-01 10:42:44)
                                                                                                                   Date added (2008-02-18 14:08:12)

To find the list of patches applied to applications use the following script. You can filter with patch number or date applied.
SELECT   aat.applications_system_name DATABASE, aat.NAME Server, apps.patch_name, apps.patch_type,
         DECODE (apps.rapid_installed_flag, NULL, 'No', 'Yes') Rapid_install,
         apps.source_code, apd.driver_file_name, apr.patch_top,
         apr.patch_action_options, apr.start_date, apr.end_date,
         apd.platform, apr.server_type_node_flag NODE, apr.server_type_admin_flag ADMIN,
         apr.server_type_forms_flag FORMS, apr.server_type_web_flag WEB
    FROM applsys.ad_applied_patches apps,
         applsys.ad_appl_tops aat,
         applsys.ad_patch_drivers apd,
         applsys.ad_patch_runs apr
   WHERE apps.applied_patch_id = apd.applied_patch_id
     AND apd.patch_driver_id = apr.patch_driver_id
     AND apr.appl_top_id = aat.appl_top_id
   AND TRUNC(apps.CREATION_DATE) > TRUNC(TO_DATE('06/04/2006', 'DD/MM/YYYY'))  	 
--	 AND patch_name LIKE '%3442800%'
ORDER BY apr.start_date ASC;
You might be interesting and about if specific bugs have been solved from which patches
SELECT apps.patch_name,q.patch_top 
FROM applsys.ad_patch_run_bugs a,applsys.ad_bugs z,
applsys.ad_patch_runs q,applsys.ad_patch_drivers apd, applsys.ad_applied_patches apps
WHERE a.bug_id= z.bug_id
AND   z.bug_number = '3442800'
AND   q.patch_run_id = a.patch_run_id
AND   apps.applied_patch_id = apd.applied_patch_id
AND   apd.patch_driver_id = q.patch_driver_id;
Finally find the patch level
select a.application_name, decode(b.status,'I','Installed','S','Shared','N/A') STATUS, PATCH_LEVEL
from APPS.fnd_application_vl a, APPS.fnd_product_installations b
where a.application_id = b.application_id
--and application_name like 'Receivables%'