Init parameters for security
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To find the initialization parameters for setting up security in Oracle database execute:
SELECT SUBSTR(NAME,0,25) NAME, SUBSTR(VALUE, 0,10) VALUE, SUBSTR(description, 0, 60) description 
FROM v$parameter 
WHERE NAME IN ('remote_login_passwordfile', 'remote_os_authent', 
                'os_authent_prefix', 'dblink_encrypt_login',
                'audit_trail', 'transaction_auditing');

NAME                      VALUE      DESCRIPTION
------------------------- ---------- ------------------------------------------------------------
transaction_auditing      TRUE       transaction auditing records generated in the redo log
remote_os_authent         FALSE      allow non-secure remote clients to use auto-logon accounts
remote_login_passwordfile EXCLUSIVE  password file usage parameter
dblink_encrypt_login      FALSE      enforce password for distributed login always be encrypted
audit_trail               DB         enable system auditing
os_authent_prefix         ops$       prefix for auto-logon accounts

6 rows selected.
To find the password file users execute:
SQL> select * from sys.v_$pwfile_users;

USERNAME                       SYSDB SYSOP
------------------------------ ----- -----
SYS                            TRUE  TRUE